Lingocruit, part of Workwide Group

Published on December 17, 2020 by

Workwide Group (Workwide AB) update, 17th of December 2020. Karlstad, Sweden. Workwide Group is excited to announce that the rebranding and new website of our subsidiary recruitment services brand Lingocruit was rolled-out today. This is part of our ongoing investments in anticipation of 2021’s increased demand for multilingual talent across…

Workwide Group moves HQ to new office location

Published on September 1, 2020 by

Workwide Group (Workwide AB) update , 1st of September 2020. Karlstad Sweden. Workwide Group is happy to announce our new office location at Trekantsgatan 3,  652 20, Karlstad, Sweden. Our new, 500+ square meters office space was totally renovated and fitted for our current and future needs. Our new office…

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