Relocation recruitment has a new look, presenting Workwide 3.0

Workwide Group (Workwide AB) press release, 21st of February 2019. Karlstad, Sweden.

Workwide Group is leading the creation and delivery of digital relocation & expatriate recruitment solutions. Today marks an important milestone for our company as we roll out a new look and design for our entire suite of job sites. Our new design is the result of thorough research and feedback from our talent community. On top of being a better experience for the job seekers, we believe the new design better reflects Workwide Group’s identity and ambition as a hungry, technology-driven and disruptive player in the relocation recruitment industry.

“Our new features and designs are part of a bigger transformation project that aims to prepare us for the explosive growth we are anticipating this year. We are very excited to show it to our worldwide talent community as well as to our beloved recruiters” says Co-Founder Filip Nilsson.

The now iconic and interactive job-map remains on the front page of our job sites but has a fresh new look. The five different job sites still have distinctive colour palettes but appear more coherent. Many functions stay the same and users will have an easy time navigating through the new design. A new “saved jobs” function has been added for the job seekers who might be in a rush or prefer to take more time before sending on their resume. In the spirit of making relocation recruitment as smooth as possible, job seekers still won’t require an account before applying to a job or for saving a job. The technical functionality of the new feature mimics that of an e-commerce basket, which Workwide Group’s audience is very much accustomed to. “We have focused on the back-end and development of our digital ecosystem for the last couple of years. It is now time for the quality of our design to match the high quality of our products & services we deliver to the market” Says Co-Founder Simon Nilsson.

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Workwide Group is the leading operator of relocation, multilingual and expatriate focused job sites and talent communities. Founded in Karlstad, Sweden 2014, with the goal to enable young Europeans to experience working abroad, we have since then helped thousands of ambitious job seekers to move abroad while developing their careers.