Workwide Group’s founders Simon and Filip Nilsson share the CEO role as Co-CEOs

Workwide Group (Workwide AB) update, 20th of February 2019. Karlstad, Sweden.

Workwide Group is happy to announce the return of its Co-founders Simon and Filip Nilsson as chief executives in the company.

As Erik Engström’s 6-month interim CEO assignment comes to an end, Co-founders Simon and Filip Nilsson will now lead the company as CEOs moving forward. Simon and Filip have been heading the product and commercial parts of the business during the last six months. “We are excited to start steering the ship again as we are entering a high-potential period in the company’s journey.  Our product team have worked hard on the launch of our new job site re-design and we now clearly have the leading product offering in our vertical, now is the time for us to capitalize on it” is Simon’s first comment.

“We now have a steady operational foundation for our future growth, and we are ready to grow our team with people from all over the world who can add value to our company and our customers. I look forward to scaling our company quicker, helping more companies with their multilingual talent shortage as well as helping job seekers pursuing their dream of living and working abroad” is Filip’s first comment.

Workwide Group and its leadership team want to thank Erik Engström for his contribution during the last six months as interim CEO in which he has lead the company and supported the founding team during a time of restructuring and development of the company’s operations.